git submodules probably don’t work the way you think they do

One aspect of git I’ve always struggled with is the submodule. While it’s certainly handy to have a way to reference one repo from another, submodules are a very specific tool and easy to misuse and that misuse can lead to frustration when they don’t behave the way you expect. Continue reading

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Things to consider before you try to develop in Rails on Windows

A few months back, I accidentally overwrote my 3 TB USB hard drive during an attempt to install Ubuntu on my main development box that went horribly, terribly wrong. I’d done the installation on several other machines both as a repaving and to dual-boot without incident in the past and must have gotten complacent enough not to notice that the installer didn’t recognize my main hard drive and instead decided I must want to install to my other drive.  Continue reading

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Awkward specializations and reversion to the mean

Not for the first time in my career, I’m out on the job market with an extensive resume that doesn’t match neatly with very many jobs. If only I can find a job listing that includes the line, “seeking developer with one year of Rails, 20 years total experience,” I should be golden.

In the meantime, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks filling in some of the more obvious weak spots in my two strongest stacks ( MVC and Ruby on Rails) and dabbling with a number of technologies I don’t know as well (or at all) to see if I’d like working with them.

It’s been an interesting journey so far – interesting enough to share here, I think. If it seems like I’m all over the map technologically, I am and I’m loving the trip.

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Making Maven Play Nice with JUnit 4

Convention over configuration can be a huge advantage, but it can also bite you in the ass sometimes.

Over the course of the last year, my job has taken me away from .net (and from blogging, obviously.) Currently, I’m working on a project that runs on top of Twitter Storm, which in written in Clojure and runs on the JVM. Like a lot of JVM-based open source projects today, it uses Maven to manage its build processes. I haven’t touched Java in a couple of years and I’ve never used Maven before this week. Continue reading

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