Not just “not just .net.”

For the last eight years or so, I’ve lived in the weird space of being primarily a .net developer who straddles heavily into the FOSS space. While 80% of the production code I’ve written since 2001 has been .net (or JavaScript in support of same,) I’ve worked professionally in Java, nodejs, Rails, and (briefly) clojure.

For the last year and change, I stepped even farther away from the Microsoft creche – taking a role as a devops engineer in a node shop. It was way out of my comfort zone (and a story for another day,) but well worth the experience in terms of making me a better developer.

My newest job, however, is purely in the .net space and after a year away, it’s taking a lot of remembering and catching up. I’ve barely touched serverless in .net and .net core is close to a complete mystery to me.

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I can’t have enough computers yet.


I still have empty HDMI slots on my living room TV!

The cable box is on HDMI 2. My wife’s main PC (Windows 10) is on HDMI 3. Tonight, I moved the Ubuntu box that’s been gathering dust since the KVM switch on my desk went kaput to HDMI 4.

And I’ve got this Raspberry Pi kit I’ve been meaning to put together…

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Leanpub: Isn’t ePublishing too new to be disrupted?

One of the more popular ruby bloggers (and I apologize for forgetting who) was recently raving about LeanPub, an online platform for creating eBooks in an agile fashion. I finally got around to digging more deeply and their platform is insanely cool. If you’re planning on publishing a book any time in the foreseeable future, you owe it to yourself to check them out. In addition to creating a platform for seeking constant feedback to your work in progress, most of the price of the book (over 90% usually) is paid directly to the author.

This is my somewhat-less-than-subtle way of mentioning that I’m working on a book. As part of my recent search for new work, I started putting together a curriculum for teaching Javascript development either as a WDI or an 8×6 class (8 weeks, 6 hours a week.) While I settle into the new company, I’m also drawing together those notes to turn that curriculum into a book called Full-Stack Javascript.

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Today’s Azure hiccup

I went a little nuts yesterday trying to find the URL for a freshly-deployed Azure service and couldn’t find it anywhere on the dashboard. Today, I went to delete the service and the warning message included the line, “Domain will be lost.”


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