I can’t have enough computers yet.


I still have empty HDMI slots on my living room TV!

The cable box is on HDMI 2. My wife’s main PC (Windows 10) is on HDMI 3. Tonight, I moved the Ubuntu box that’s been gathering dust since the¬†KVM switch on my desk went kaput to HDMI 4.

And I’ve got this Raspberry Pi kit I’ve been meaning to put together…

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Leanpub: Isn’t ePublishing too new to be disrupted?

One of the more popular ruby bloggers (and I apologize for forgetting who) was recently raving about LeanPub, an online platform for creating eBooks in an agile fashion. I finally got around to digging more deeply and their platform is insanely cool. If you’re planning on publishing a book any time in the foreseeable future, you owe it to yourself to check them out. In addition to creating a platform for seeking constant feedback to your work in progress, most of the price of the book (over 90% usually) is paid directly to the author.

This is my somewhat-less-than-subtle way of mentioning that I’m working on a book. As part of my recent search for new work, I started putting together a curriculum for teaching Javascript development either as a WDI or an 8×6 class (8 weeks, 6 hours a week.) While I settle into the new company, I’m also drawing together those notes to turn that curriculum into a book called Full-Stack Javascript.

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Today’s Azure hiccup

I went a little nuts yesterday trying to find the URL for a freshly-deployed Azure service and couldn’t find it anywhere on the dashboard. Today, I went to delete the service and the warning message included the line, “Domain yourprojectname.cloudapp.net will be lost.”


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Cutting myself on the bleeding edge of Azure

After a little more than a year building Rails applications and living almost entirely in FOSS-world, my current project is once more squarely in the .net universe – a SaaS solution for distributed medical imaging on the cloud. In this case, “the cloud” is Windows Azure. Three years using Amazon Web Services have given me a good grounding in cloud development and deployment, but it’s easy to make mistakes by assuming that Azure and AWS are the same kind of thing. Continue reading

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